Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mini MAC Cosmetics Haul

I recently got my first MAC lipsticks and I'm really excited to share them with you. I got three lipsticks and three coordinating lip liners. I chose two Cult Classics in the Mac Community: Rebel and Heroine. I also purchased a beautiful Retro Matte: Flat Out Fabulous. Both Heroine and Flat Out Fabulous are drying, so as the day goes on and it starts to wear off, I recommend a bit of lip balm before you reapply. That will dilute the color a little bit, so be wary of how much you put on.

1. Rebel : Midtonal Creme Plum in a Satin finish. Rebel is a perfect fall color, it's a lot lighter on the skin that it is in the "stick".

2. Heroine : A Bright Purple in a matte finish. I'm obsessed with this lipstick, I've never worn a purple lipstick before and it is actually very flattering. 

3. Flat Out Fabulous: On Mac's website it describes Flat Out Fabulous as a bright plum matte, it is definitely not, it's more of a midtonal fuchsia in a Retro Matte Finish. On my skin tone it's a very natural looking pink, definitely my new "go to" color. 

I just realized how dry my skin looks in the last two swatch pictures...don't judge me.