Sunday, August 31, 2014

Butter LONDON'S Moisture Matte Lipstick Ruby Murray Review

*PR Sample

When Butter LONDON told me that they wanted to send me one of their new Moisture Matte lipsticks, I was hoping for this one. Autumn's almost here and (you know I love it) it's the time for dark, vampy lips. This is the darkest one in the collection, so  I was really excited.

Let me start off by saying that while I'm writing this review I'm wearing the lipstick and it feels fantastic. It is definitely moisturizing, My lips are gliding across one another! (edit: I've been wearing it for a little while now, and it does feel a little bit more powdery, in a good way). The website boasts a long-lasting, non-drying formula that does not feather or bleed. Revolutionary gel-capsule technology delivers color and moisture for smooth, silky application and maximum comfort.

It smells like vanilla, like a MAC cosmetics lipstick but more subtle. I also like the weight of the packaging, it feels heavy and high-end. It just doesn't look high-end, so that could be better.

Ruby Murray is described as a delicious berry cream lipstick. Now, here is where it got a tiny bit disappointing for me. It is a berry shade, just not as dark as I wanted it to be. You do have to build up the color as it's on the sheer side, but when I did get it as opaque as it could possibly be, it was It is growing on me, though.

*This was given to me by Butter LONDON for review but my thoughts, as always, are my own.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Makeup Geek Pigments: Afterglow, Birthday Wish, Liquid Gold & Insomnia

Makeup Geek is a cruelty free cosmetics line founded by popular youtuber and blogger , Marlena. The quality of her products rival Mac Cosmetics and several makeup artists have vowed never to buy from Mac again because of Makeup Geeks affordable prices and amazing quality. I have bought several eyeshadows from MUG (working on getting all of them) but I thought that I would start my review with a few of the pigments I picked up.

Afterglow: "Bask in the Afterglow of this soft yet stunning champagne color". This is a buttery champagne packed with subtle shimmer. 

Birthday Wish: "May all your Birthday Wishes and more come true when you wear this whimsical ...light golden peach shade" Birthday Wish ends up being a rose gold shade on me, which I love. I haven't done a look using this but I'm extremely excited to think up something girly and romantic.

Liquid Gold: "A true treasure for the eyes, this stunning Liquid Gold pigment will make you look and feel like a fortune." I do love this shade, in my opinion it is not a true gold shade. It has more of a green undertone. 

Insomnia: "This pigment will leave you wide awake and ready for the evening.  This dark chocolate colored pigment has sparkling blue/teal reflects that will light up your eyes." This is definitely a dupe for Mac's blue/brown pigment.

Bottom Line: Highly pigmented, creamy pigments. These all have shimmer and they just glide on. The formula is not chunky in the slightest, they're extremely buildable and blendable. And at $6.99 a jar, you can't beat the price. 

Have you beauties tried any of the Makeup Geek line? If so, let me know if you found it alluring or atrocious!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lime Crime Velvetines: Pink Velvet & Salem

I finally joined the Velvetine band wagon! Lime Crime Velvetines: Lipsticks with a "ground breaking formula that goes on liquid and dries completely matte. Touch proof, transfer proof, long wearing and utterly addictive."

I thought I knew what to expect, until I actually received them. One thing about the formula is that it is extremely thin, almost water thin. That was shocking to me but now I adore it. 

How cute are these boxes?? Perfect packaging Lime Crime!

I noticed that the application works better if you do several thin coats as opposed to one thick one. The thin coats allow the product to dry quicker and more fully. I did not have a problem with a lot of transferring. I wore Pink Velvet when I went out to lunch for one of my best friend's birthday and most of it stayed on. I did reapply because there was some wear but not enough that it was annoying. It is matte, so it's a bit drying but I actually like that in a matte that weird? If it gets a bit too dry for you, I suggest putting a little lip balm on top. I tried my Epicuren Lip Balm (my favorite), it was instantly hydrating and added a subtle sheen.

Pink Velvet: "The Perfect Matte Pink"

Salem: "Matte Chocolate Brown"

These are stunning, the formula is fantastic and I will be purchasing the rest. Have you beauties tried any? Tell me how much you loved them (or hated them) down below! 

By the way, the eyes that are paired with these gorgeous lip shades will be on the blog in future! Stay tuned for those posts. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Trust Fund Beauty: My Picks

Trust Fund Beauty is a new and new-to-me 5-free luxury nail lacquer brand. I cannot remember where I originally spotted them but once I saw the names of the collections and the lacquers I new I had to have some. By the way, how gorgeous is this packaging?

I tried to get one from a few of the collections, I don't believe I got one from each collection, but hey, there's still time. I bought four:

Not Fair, Don't Care: I was pretty sure this was originally from a certain collection...but apparently I cannot find the collection or it was limited edition. But now it is on the Red, White and Wealthy Collection that is made up of several polishes from different collections for their fourth of July sale. This is Not Fair, Don't Care over I Look Good Nude.

I Look Good Nude: A light barely there vanilla from the Heiress Collection. It's a lot more sheer than I originally thought it would be. So, that was a little downer, but it's still beautiful.

Pretty In Kink: A hot pink from the Scandal Collection. My absolute favorite of the bunch, just read this description: "Everyone who's anyone has a kink. Most don't look as you do while indulging."

Jail Bait: A gorgeous slate grey from the Holographic Collection. Sorry, beauties, this was a limited edition collection and is not available for purchase any longer. It was the only one I wanted from that collection, so I'm glad I got to it in time.

They also sent me three samples of nail lacquer:

Skinny Jeans: A medium denim blue from the Matte Collection

Moody Bitch: from the Moody Collection, and this was a limited edition collection as well. Which is sad for me because there were actually a few I wanted. It is a color changing polish. When my hands are warm it's a pale robin's egg blue and when they're cold it's a lilac.

Rich Bitch: A red with pink undertones and a hint of shimmer, also from the Heiress Collection

Have you all tried Trust Fund Beauty? If not you totally should, These are two coats on each swatch and no topcoat. I'll definitely continue to purchase!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Jaelyn's 2nd Birthday!

It's my niece's 2nd birthday today!! She is getting so big, she looks like she's four instead of two! But, I guess that's what happens with your parents are 6'0'' and 6'4''. You all have seen this adorable cutie before but if you'd like to refresh your memory, here's some photos from her first birthday!