Sunday, August 10, 2014

Trust Fund Beauty: My Picks

Trust Fund Beauty is a new and new-to-me 5-free luxury nail lacquer brand. I cannot remember where I originally spotted them but once I saw the names of the collections and the lacquers I new I had to have some. By the way, how gorgeous is this packaging?

I tried to get one from a few of the collections, I don't believe I got one from each collection, but hey, there's still time. I bought four:

Not Fair, Don't Care: I was pretty sure this was originally from a certain collection...but apparently I cannot find the collection or it was limited edition. But now it is on the Red, White and Wealthy Collection that is made up of several polishes from different collections for their fourth of July sale. This is Not Fair, Don't Care over I Look Good Nude.

I Look Good Nude: A light barely there vanilla from the Heiress Collection. It's a lot more sheer than I originally thought it would be. So, that was a little downer, but it's still beautiful.

Pretty In Kink: A hot pink from the Scandal Collection. My absolute favorite of the bunch, just read this description: "Everyone who's anyone has a kink. Most don't look as you do while indulging."

Jail Bait: A gorgeous slate grey from the Holographic Collection. Sorry, beauties, this was a limited edition collection and is not available for purchase any longer. It was the only one I wanted from that collection, so I'm glad I got to it in time.

They also sent me three samples of nail lacquer:

Skinny Jeans: A medium denim blue from the Matte Collection

Moody Bitch: from the Moody Collection, and this was a limited edition collection as well. Which is sad for me because there were actually a few I wanted. It is a color changing polish. When my hands are warm it's a pale robin's egg blue and when they're cold it's a lilac.

Rich Bitch: A red with pink undertones and a hint of shimmer, also from the Heiress Collection

Have you all tried Trust Fund Beauty? If not you totally should, These are two coats on each swatch and no topcoat. I'll definitely continue to purchase!