Sunday, September 7, 2014

Charlotte Tilbury USA Release

I am really excited to bring you guys this haul from the USA release of Charlotte Tilbury! There are several places that have the honor of selling her products: Bergdorf Goodman, Beautylish, Nordstrom and of course, her U.S. Website. I ordered twelve items: A luxury palette in Dolce Vita, four of her K.I.S.S.I.N.G Tree lipsticks, two Cheek to Chic blushes, Full Fat Lashes mascara, a Rock'n'Kohl in Bedroom Black, Feline Flick liquid eyeliner and lip brush and a powder & sculpt brush.

The K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Fallen from the Lipstick Tree lipsticks are a "fail-safe recipe for perfect lips… Enriched with a breakthrough, secret ingredient, the Lipstick Tree, an anti-oxidant that naturally protects lips from UV damage and external pollution leaving them cashmere soft and irresistible. Blended with special waxes and clever light-diffusing pigments for full-bodied, ultra-brilliant lips that ensure you leave a lasting impression!"

1. K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Stoned Rose: This is an absolutely beautiful Pinky-nude. The lip swatch that I show does not do it justice at all. I have a few pictures at the bottom of the post where you can see it in all of its glory.

2. K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Velvet Underground: Of course, I love this shade because it's fuchsia. It's so pretty. If anyone wants to see comparison swatches of all my fuchsia's just let me know!

3. K.I.S.S.I.N.G. So Marilyn: Perfect shade of red, there's nothing else to really say about it. It glides like a dream, the perfect amount of opacity. No complaints at all.

4. K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Night  Crimson: Guys, I'm being very serious here, something is wrong with me. I was going to do this review on this lipstick and tell you all, "I can't believe that this is red, I thought it was going to be a plum...blah, blah, blah, wah, wah, wah." It's called Night CRIMSON...crimson is a shade of red...what is life?

Cheek to Chic Swish and Pop blush in The Climax: Easily the most beautiful blush I own. It's a rose gold in the outer ring and a lighter pink in the center. She designed it so that you swirl the brush in the outer ring and dab it into the inner circle before you put it onto your cheeks. "A 2-step application ritual, each shade is a creamy, color-rich texture containing finely crushed pearls to give your skin a limitless glow."

When you look at the actual blush in the pan it looks nothing like when you put it on your skin. I was sure it was going to be a dark bronze-y shade that I could use as a contour shade. Obviously, not even close. 

Cheek to Chic Swish and Pop blush in Sex on Fire. It's a little darker in real life than in the pictures. It's a bit of a lavender based pink. As creamy as The Climax (that sounds hilarious...please just let that sink in.) and almost as nice. 

Luxury Palette in Dolce Vita: Can I tell you all, the quality of this eyeshadow palette is fantastic. It's simply stunning, and she was definitely right in naming it a luxury. Look at that gold chunky glitter shade! Can you believe that? In a pressed shadow!

Powder & Sculpt Brush: "is fantastic for any facial sculpting or highlighting, to create your ideal facial framework. The tapered end allows you to shade the hollows of your cheeks or temples and highlight your cheekbones, nose or even the bow of your lip" I have only used it for highlight and it's great. It does feel a little rough when you touch the hair with your fingers, but when you're applying it to your face, you can't feel a thing.

Lip brush: "The squared end of the brush allows you to apply lipstick with great precision, getting right into the inner corners of your mouth, for that perfect pout! use it ... to soften a lip liner or with more dramatic lipstick shades to ensure perfectly even coverage." It works very well, it does not take the lip product off of your lips while you're using it, which I've had a problem with while using other brands. 

Full Fat Lashes Mascara: This mascara is supposed to do everything possible for your lashes. My lashes are already curly, so I didn't see a difference there and it didn't give me length either but the separation it gave me, oh my goodness. It also really did give that feather lash effect! I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but because my lashes are short and curly, it makes it so hard for me to put on fake lashes, it's really a chore. But I put on this mascara before applying my lashes and it was the easiest I've ever popped them on. 

"CURL: the 5-grooved brush deposits the optimal line of mascara along the lash line, pushing your lashes up and out.
SEPARATION: the fine-tipped bristles catch every lash, no matter how short or fine, coating them in black brilliance.
VOLUME: the glossy black formula creates full-on, voluptuous, outrageous lashes that don’t drop onto your cheeks.
LENGTH: the maximum bristle count covers every lash to the very tip, to create the perfect flutter.
DRAMA: the 5-STAR brush creates a 3-dimensional flutter. Good bye spider lash and hello feather lash – lashes are finely separated, creating that “false lash” multi-layer effect."

Feline Flick: I love this eyeliner, I would like it even more if it was waterproof but the quality is still there. It's designed after Japanese shodo pens. It boasts staying put for 14 hours, It does stay on a while but it does smudge if you rub at it, so I don't suggest wearing a wing to a wedding if you're a crier. It was very easy to apply since it is a felt tip. 

Rock 'N' Kohl in Bedroom Black: "a revolutionary, no-nonsense liquid-eye pencil: it has the silky smooth glide of a liquid liner with the soft, sooty, pigment-rich result of a kohl." My favorite pencil eyeliner in life. I mean, seriously, it is the best I have ever used. It's so creamy that it literally melted like a lipstick into my waterline. I have extremely sensitive eyes, so they did water when I put it on, but the liner went absolutely nowhere. If you get nothing else from Charlotte Tilbury's line, you have got to get the Rock'N'Kohls in every single color. 

The smudges you see in the second picture are from the Feline Flick. There is no transfer whatsoever from the Rock'N'Kohl because it's waterproof and lasts up to fourteen hours.

Tell me what you all bought from Charlotte Tilbury's USA release because I know you all had to have bought at least on thing!