Sunday, September 7, 2014

MAC The Simpsons Collection Blush: Sideshow You

This is the only product that I picked up from the Simpsons collection. I have to be honest, I was never a big Simpsons watcher and originally wasn't going to buy anything when I first heard it was coming out. But since it was their anniversary, I thought "Hey, why not?". However, when I looked at what they were selling, I wasn't too impressed. There were no lipsticks ...which of course I would've picked up, the eyeshadow quads were boring, and I'm not a fan of their lipglasses...

But, I am glad that I chose this blush because I am very pleased with it. It's described as a light peach coral. It looks like more of a dusky pink against my skintone, it's a natural color that would look good on most skintones. What I did not notice until I looked at the swatches was that it has a tiny bit of shimmer in it which I love. 

Did you all get anything from The Simpsons Collection?