Saturday, October 25, 2014

FOTD: Alter Ego

I thought I'd try something new since it's almost Halloween! Alter Ego makeup: Good Girl vs. Bad Girl. I don't remember the exact products I used but I know it was makeup geek and MAC eye shadows from the Brooke Shields Gravitas palette. I'm wearing two different pairs of lashes, but both are stacked. 


MAC The Matte Lip Collection

The Matte Lip Collection has been my favorite so far this year. I got all of the lipsticks and all of the blushes. I did not get any of the lip liners, though. You know that my favorite finish for a lipstick is matte. So when I saw these, I knew I had to have them all. Heroine was also a part of this collection but it's a permanent shade that I already own. Surprisingly, most of this collection is still available. The only item that is sold out is Fashion Revival lipstick. 

Styled in Sepia: Dirty Cement Beige. It is a dupe for Nude from the RiRi hearts Mac collection. So, if you missed that here's your chance to get it under a different name. This is my least favorite one, but I really want to try an ombre-ish look with stone lip liner. 

Pander Me: Soft Peachy Mocha. The description is spot on, it's a mid-tone brownie-peach. I think it's gorgeous and it's looks good on a lot of skin tones. 

Nouvelle Vogue: Soft Blue Pink. Barbie's dream house pink. I don't know if it really looks good on my skintone but I love it in the picture below.

La Vie En Rouge: Bright Orange Coral. This is my favorite from the collection. Isn't that shocking, I rave so much about fuchsias and deep plums and berries that I didn't realize how pretty some other colors are. I know it looks kind of fuchsia-esque in the photo but it's not.

Dam Glamorous: Bright Pink Red. I admit this does look similar to LVER  but it has more of a red undertone. This is my second favorite one. 

Fashion Revival: Deep Raspberry. It's like a matte Rebel. 

Living Legend: Deep Plum. Similar to RiRi Talk that Talk and A Novel Romance Lingering Kiss. It's darker and a little more purple toned than LK.

The Pro Long Wear blushes were perfect. Much better than the Crazed Imagination fiasco. 
I'm a Lover: Pink. Very very light, blue-toned pink. 
Fleeting Romance: Coral. 
Make You Mine: Dirty Salmon. MYM is my favorite out of the blushes, for the name and the shade. I think it looks very natural and has a fleshy tone to it. 

So, this was love at first sight for the collection and it did not disappoint. 

Do you pick up anything? If you haven't, are you going to?

MAC Rocky Horror Collection

The Rocky Horror Collection was the most controversial MAC collection this year. MAC did not think that it was going to sell well, little did they know people were waiting up all night for a chance to buy before everything sold out. The demand was so high for this collection that MAC ended up postponing it until they got more stock. Which led to makeup junkies rioting in the streets, launching stones at pro stores and murdering innocent employees. Okay...maybe not. But they did bash MAC in emails, on Instagram and other social media claiming to not buy one piece of the collection because of their unlawful treatment. Until it finally launched and all those nay-sayers turned back into the junkies they are, unable to resist the next hit. 

I got nine items from this collection. It was going to be an even ten but they postponed the launch of Frank-n-Furter lipstick even later than the rest of the collection. When it launched I was on my way home from work and the lipstick sold out within 8 minutes. That's not an exaggeration. 

I bought two glitters: 3D Black and Gold and the pigment: It's Not Easy Having A Good Time. These are everything I imagined. I have no complaints about them, the glitters are chunky and glorious. The pigment is silky to the touch, a gorgeous burgundy. 

The three lipsticks are: 
Strange Journey: Yellowish brick red
Oblivion: Vivid blush red
Sin: Deep dark blue red
I love the lipsticks. I wish I could've gotten all of them but the ones I did get are fantastic. They are all matte, my favorite finish. They are all shades of red that I do not have in my collection. Sin is permanent, so you all can buy that at any time. 

These two nail lacquers are repromotes from the villain collection, I forget the name. But they are Bad Fairy: red with a multi-changing pearl and Formidable: teal green with pink multi-changing pearls. I, honestly, haven't tried these yet but when I do, you'll be the first to know.  They just look so gorgeous in the bottles.

This blush: Crazed Imagination was the most disappointing thing I have. I was really excited about it, until I touched it. There is no color payoff, I had to continuously rub over it to see the shade on my finger. Then I couldn't even get it off of my finger onto my arm for a swatch. It feels like there is some type of film over it or something. Other bloggers/vloggers have made this complaint as well. I don't know what happened.

Did you all get anything from this collection? If so what was your favorite?

MAC Brooke Shields Collection

I'm going to apologize in advance for subsequent posts that are going to be all MAC limited edition collections. I've been so lazy, I haven't wanted to blog at all. However, I'm going to do about three posts today so don't be surprised! I promise I'm going to have more variety soon, and it's going to be exciting!

The Brooke Shields Collection has grey, square packaging that was popular in the 80's. Brooke apparently wanted a vintage look. The colors she chose are supposed to be able to transform your look from Day-to-Night. She has a great mix of natural shades for the day and bolder, darker, sultrier shades for your nights out on the town.

I only got three things from the Brooke Shields Collection: the Gravitas: Eyeshadow x15 palette and two lipsticks: Excite, an orange-red cremesheen and Gospel a sheer, rich burgundy lustre.

Although the Gravitas palette has a lot of permanent shades, it sold out first because of the great price. Unfortunately, it is still sold out. The lipsticks are still going strong, though!

Let me know if you want swatches of the palette!