Saturday, October 25, 2014

MAC Rocky Horror Collection

The Rocky Horror Collection was the most controversial MAC collection this year. MAC did not think that it was going to sell well, little did they know people were waiting up all night for a chance to buy before everything sold out. The demand was so high for this collection that MAC ended up postponing it until they got more stock. Which led to makeup junkies rioting in the streets, launching stones at pro stores and murdering innocent employees. Okay...maybe not. But they did bash MAC in emails, on Instagram and other social media claiming to not buy one piece of the collection because of their unlawful treatment. Until it finally launched and all those nay-sayers turned back into the junkies they are, unable to resist the next hit. 

I got nine items from this collection. It was going to be an even ten but they postponed the launch of Frank-n-Furter lipstick even later than the rest of the collection. When it launched I was on my way home from work and the lipstick sold out within 8 minutes. That's not an exaggeration. 

I bought two glitters: 3D Black and Gold and the pigment: It's Not Easy Having A Good Time. These are everything I imagined. I have no complaints about them, the glitters are chunky and glorious. The pigment is silky to the touch, a gorgeous burgundy. 

The three lipsticks are: 
Strange Journey: Yellowish brick red
Oblivion: Vivid blush red
Sin: Deep dark blue red
I love the lipsticks. I wish I could've gotten all of them but the ones I did get are fantastic. They are all matte, my favorite finish. They are all shades of red that I do not have in my collection. Sin is permanent, so you all can buy that at any time. 

These two nail lacquers are repromotes from the villain collection, I forget the name. But they are Bad Fairy: red with a multi-changing pearl and Formidable: teal green with pink multi-changing pearls. I, honestly, haven't tried these yet but when I do, you'll be the first to know.  They just look so gorgeous in the bottles.

This blush: Crazed Imagination was the most disappointing thing I have. I was really excited about it, until I touched it. There is no color payoff, I had to continuously rub over it to see the shade on my finger. Then I couldn't even get it off of my finger onto my arm for a swatch. It feels like there is some type of film over it or something. Other bloggers/vloggers have made this complaint as well. I don't know what happened.

Did you all get anything from this collection? If so what was your favorite?