Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Floss Gloss Perf

Another Floss Gloss Post! My favorite floss gloss so far is the pretty in pink Perf! The name really sums it up, it's so prefect! I have nothing bad to say about this polish at all! The formula was great, the color payoff even better! I describe it as a pink with lavender undertones or a lavender with pink undertones. Either way it's just gorgeous. If you get no other polish from Floss Gloss make sure you get Perf, ladies!

I almost have every polish that Floss Gloss carries, I am missing Party bruise, BritBrit2000, Glowstar, Tanlines, Bikini Coral and Bassline. (I will actually probably only get four of those because party bruise and glow star are not that interesting to me)

On to Perf!