Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cult Nails: In The Garden Collection

Cult Nails In The Garden Collection is great! The colors are not like any that I have in my collection. However, I would have loved to see a green. There are many floral colors and even a color to represent dirt. But no greens for leaves, grass or plants. 

While the colors are unique to me, they are not unique to the public. I love that they have some wax finishes in this collection and I also like that they are straying away from the current trend in our nail polish world : texture polishes. In that way, they are very unique! 

See full sized pictures after the break!

In my opinion they have the best shipping packages, they always roll the nail polishes individually in what I call gauze burritos, sealing them with stickers labeled with the polish's name. What you don't see in the photo is that they also put cotton balls on top for further protection and put the polishes in a small box, so they do not roll around or bump into each other.

The first polish is Let's Get Dirty, it's a matte taupe with purple undertone and a slight shimmer that unfortunately did not show up on my nails. LGD is a very thin polish, that shows any slight imperfection, so i recommend a good base coat or ridge filler. 
Let's Get Dirty Wax Finish
Let's Get Dirty With Top Coat

You're My Dandy Lion is a true yellow creme. I had no problems with the formula, it being thicker than LGD and had a very smooth application. This is two thin coats.
You're My Dandy Lion: Shade

You're My Dandy Lion: Sunlight

Kiss My Rose Bush is one of my favorites from the collection. It's a dusky bubble gum pink with a wax finish. This also had a thicker formula and an easy application. However, like LGD shows all imperfections (it may have been partially my fault in the technique I used to polish my nails.)
Kiss My Rosebush Wax Finish: Shade
Kiss My Rosebush Wax: Sunlight
Kiss My Rose bush with Top Coat: Sunlight
Kiss My Rose Bush with Top Coat: Shade
   I originally thought that Ay Poppy was going to be my favorite polish out of the collection, and if I could only choose one to keep this would definitely be my runner up! First, I love the name! Ay Poppy is a hot orange creme with red undertones and a high shine finish. It's shown below with no top coat! two coats all by it's lonesome!

Ay Poppy: Shade
Ay Poppy: Sunlight
I have saved the Absolute best for last! This was the clear winner of this collection: Morning Glory. And what a glorious polish it is! A gorgeous raspberry wax finish. It had the thickest formula of the bunch (and not in a bad way) & the creamiest application. I'm wearing three coats, it was opaque in two but I threw on another for good measure!
Morning Glory: Wax Finish
Morning Glory: with Top Coat

Did any of my alluring readers get the In the Garden collection? If so, how do like it? Which are your favorite colors?