Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ginger + Liz

I randomly went to a blog today: I Have A Degree In This and saw that she mentioned a Company called Ginger + Liz, to my surprise it's a nail lacquer site! Now, I am behind the times because they apparently have been out since 2009. They are the "original vegan friendly nail lacquer made for style setters". I am extremely excited that I stumbled upon them because the colors are gorgeous and the names are even better!

They are $12/bottle, which is not the most expensive nail polish I've seen (I recently bought Deborah Lippmann's Cleopatra In New York for 18. Azature retails for 25 and Tom Ford for 30) Anywho, these six nail lacquers are my favorite from Ginger + Liz.

While the descriptions on the website do not always define the lacquers for exactly what they are, i'll do my best to give a good interpretation if they have not provided one.

1. Investment Piece : looks like a fine copper glitter in a very sheer copper base or a clear base.
2. Bitch Fit: A hot neon pink creme
3. Not On The First Date: Taupe creme with lavender undertones
4. High Maintenance: Sheer glossy pink with reflective crystal glimmer
5. High Waisted: A midnight blue with a shiny creme finish
6. Mix 'n Mingle: a dense fine gold glitter laquer

The last two lacquers are my favorite from the G + L collection and I think that they will look amazing apart and even better together!