Thursday, January 24, 2013

Alpha Nail

Alpha Nail is described as a "war paint" for alpha men. They have two collections with a variety of colors in hyper-masculine names. They make it known that Alpha Nail is not for the effeminate male. All of their advertised men are shooting guns, boxing, mechanics, musicians or jocks.

There is a starter kit available for 11.95 where you can choose an alpha nail pen and 2 packs of clean slate wipes (which are acetone free cotton pads for nail polish removal) or you can choose a "Welcome Matte" pack or a "Heavy Metals" pack, where you get three nail pens and two packs of Clean Slate wipes for 29.95.

Matte Collection:
Burnin Rubber

Metallic Collection:
Pirate Gold
Deep Ocean
Celtic Silver

On their website it states, "It is a statement... a proclamation of the inner attitude of the alpha. It is about having the confidence that says ‘I am my own man, and will decide the rules for how I live my life according to how I see fit"

How do my alluring readers feel about it?