Saturday, March 2, 2013

Floss Gloss

My birthday was yesterday, March 1st, so I went on a little spending spree. There are some things that I ordered online that have not arrived yet but there was one package that arrived very early about three days after I ordered it. That was my very first Floss Gloss shipment. I ordered it about a week and a half before my birthday and waited until the actual day to open it. I ordered 8 products, 7 lacquers, and a Top Coat.

From L-R
Gloss (the top coat)
Stun : Gold holographic glitter
Neon Nacho : a bright, neon orange creme
Fastlane : Neon Red creme
Perf : I describe it as either a baby pink with lavender undertones or lavender with pink undertones creme
Con Limon : an AMAZING neon lime green creme
Dime Piece : Silver holographic glitter
Wavepool : ocean blue creme

They are 8.00 each but only have .18 fl oz. While other 8 dollar brands have .5 fluid oz. While I would rather have more bang for my buck, the color payout is amazing.

They send great hand written notes with their products, I don't know if this will stop after they reach incredible fame (which i'm sure they will) but I hope it doesn't because it made me feel very special. 
Now as you see on the card it says that they had to throw in a bassline (their base coat) which would have been absolutely amazing, unfortunately it was not included.

They advertise Gloss as being better than the leading Seche Vite, now I cannot compare the two because I have never used a Seche Vite top coat, but I have used OPI's top coat and Julep's Freedom Top Coat and I can say that Gloss has lasted longer than both so far. With the others I have seen chipping within 24 hours.
While I have not been to work (where manicures go to die) in a couple days, there hasn't even been the slightest chip or wear and tear.

I have swatched all of the colors I have received! The formula is not my absolute favorite, I used three coats for every swatch, they were all opaque in three. All of the colors except for Perf (and the glitters) dried fairly quickly in a matte finish.

Their Fall '13 collection comes out in August, so if I get any of those, I'll be sure to let you all know!