Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Essie Trophy Wife Comparison & Dupes

*Warning* This is an extremely picture heavy post.

In my July Julep Maven box, I received a gorgeous oceanic, blue green to purple shifting polish called Angela. It made me think of Essie's Trophy wife. TW does not have a purple shift but they looked very similar in the bottles.

Unfortunately ... or, fortunately, depending on how you look at it, they are not even close to being dupes on the nail. Angela is much darker with tiny teal flakes. TW is a light teal with a less densely packed shimmer. Think deep sea versus the shallow end. 

However, Orly's Halley's Comet is more more similar in color to Trophy Wife, but not in formula. HC is more of a deep teal with large shifting green-gold flakes.

In conclusion, no dupes here! Good for my collection, bad for people who want a cheaper version of any of these polishes.

Either way,
Happy polishing!