Saturday, June 1, 2013

Father's Day Gift Guide!

We all know the basic gifts to give our fathers, boyfriends, husbands, uncles, brothers...okay, any man that's close to us and has a kiddo...for Father's Day. But here's the thing, these clever men know our secrets. They know that they'll get a tie or a pair of cuff links on their special day, making it not-so-special. So, here I am telling you to fret not, my babies. There is a way to surprise them and make your gifts a tiny bit more meaningful. Now, listen up kids, before you look at this list and tell me you've thought of all these before and they just didn't work, I want you to ask yourself, "Why doesn't my [insert man with child here] want any of these glorious things?" The answer, my dear, is that he's an idiot.

I'm kidding, I'm kidding! 

You might just have a complicated man. Try asking him what he wants and then elaborating on the idea to make it grander than he's ever imagined. You don't have to guess at what he wants. While surprises are nice sometimes just giving them the arbitrary thing that they've coveted for months is the best thing.

Now on to this list...

1. For the Drinking Man: Whisky Stones. I think these are pretty self explanatory. you pop these stones into the freezer and put them into your liquor instead of ice. It's a win-win situation. Cold drink without the dilution. I got my father some from Restoration Hardware but here are similar ones.

2. For the Hairy Man: An old-fashioned Shaving Kit. To me, there's nothing sexier than watching a man lather up a soapy brush and run it along his skin before scraping off that scruff! Well, maybe watching him grow out the scruff is a smidge sexier. If you're feeling extra generous you could also add Kiehl's Men's starter Kit that includes all sorts of moisturizers to have an even closer shave. There's a more budget friendly version here.

3. For the Grilling Man: BBQ Tools. This 20 piece stainless steel tool kit has everything from tongs to corn holders for your grilling pleasure! But what it doesn't have are things like a three tiered smoker rack, flavor injectors, or a wood chip soaker set which would make great additions to this gift. 

4. For the Gaming Man: Special Edition Player's Handbook, Dungeons and Dragons, 3.5 edition. Now, I won't claim to know a lot about this. However, my brother plays D&D and this is supposed to be an amazing handbook. This is leather bound, beautifully illustrated, silver inlaid and has a red ribbon bookmark. Apparently, it's hard to find. So if you spot one for your GM, snatch it up! He'll greatly appreciate it.

5. For the Fashionable Man: Derby's. These are chocolate brown, basketwoven Raffia Vince Derby's by Tiger of  Sweden. These shoes are simple and complex at the same time. The basket weave adds edge, while the rest is sleek and chic. 

6. For the Sensual Man: Soap and Lotion: Alright, let's be honest, ladies. This one is really for us! Who doesn't want the man in their life to smell and feel fantastic? This Italian Leather soap and lotion set will do just that. It has an extremely manly scent with essences of : Weathered woods of mahogany and ebony, silky suede, antiqued leather and a hint of tobacco leaf. 

7. For the Traveling Man: Holdalls. Holdalls are fantastic (and fashionable) alternatives to your man's favorite dufflebag. They come in a variety of fabrics, from denim to leather. They make great carry-on bags to hold all of the essentials as he roams from airport to airport. The ones I included are both Ted Baker simply because Ted Baker is amazing. Find them here and here

Do you guys have any types of men/gifts you would like to mention?

PS. Father's Day is in T minus 15 days! Oh, and happy June!

Disclaimer: I'm not claiming to know everything about men, nor am I saying that these gifts are the end all be all. These are just some of my personal picks. Have fun with it!