Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Sunnies

I love sunnies. I don't wear them very often because I wear glasses. So, I basically can't see if I'm wearing sunglasses. (Also, the glasses that change to sunnies in the sun are horrendous) Maybe I need to invest in contacts! Anywho, I'm a big fan of taking chances and trying a lot of different styles to see if they suit you. However, there are basic styles/frames that work really well with certain face shapes.

Square: The goal is soften your strong features with oval or round frames
    1.MiuMiu 50OS
    2. Forever21 Dutch Wax Round Sunglasses

Oval: You lucky ducks! Because your face is so balanced, you can get away with anything! Wear whatever you want! go big, go small, go angular, go round, go horizontal, go vertical. Just be wild and experiment because hey, what's life all about?
    3. Versace 4246B
    4. House Of Harlow Chelsea

Round: You, my little cherub faced beauties, want to create the illusion of angles when it comes to your sunglasses. Sunnies that draw the eye outward create a contrast that is very becoming by adding extra length to your face.
    5. ASOS Cat Eye Sunglasses with Flying birds Highbrow
    6. TopShop Striped Clubmaster Sunglasses

Heart: Because your jaw and chin are small, you want to add width to those areas by wearing a sunny that is big and draws attention downward. Round edged sunglasses also work well in softening the broadness of the upper areas of your face.
    7. IVI Mauve/Tortiose Rose Gradient
    8. TopShop Swallow Trim Round Sunglasses

(I know it's been a little while but I've been working on a cute DIY project for you that I'm not quite finished with, so stay tuned for that!)